Flights to Istria and the Istria beaches

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With a choice of three local airports, it couldn't be easier to get flights to Istria beaches.

The local Istrian airports are: Trieste, Pula and Rijeka.

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Look at the different options to get to Istria beaches, with the flight ticket cost shown at the bottom of this page.

Fly to Istria beaches through Trieste (code TRS)

Full Name Trieste - Ronchi dei Legionari Alternative names Ronchi dei Legionari, Aeroporto del Friuli Venezia Giulia "Pietro Savorgnan di Brazza"

As with Pula Airport, this was originally a military airstrip, but now a busy regional airport at the most eastern end of Italy.

Ronchi airport has frequent bus services to Monfalcone, the nearest railway station, and to Trieste.

It is easily accessible by road, rail and ferry links.

Countries with airlines flying directly to Trieste airport include: Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, United Kingdom and the US.

Distances from Trieste to other centres:

• Ljubljana airport (88km)

• Venice Marco Polo airport (94km)

• Venice Treviso airport (100km)

• Pula (110km)

• Rijeka (110km)

Flights to Istria beaches through Pula (code PUY)

Pula airport has been in existence for many years, originally as a military airstrip. Over time civil flights have replaced the military use, and the airport regularly handles large aircraft such as the Boeing 747 and Illyushin 86 Jumbo jets.

Due to favourable climatic and aviation infrastructure, Pula is designated as the alternative airport for neighbouring countries Slovenia, Italy and Austria, which speaks highly of its current status.

Pula airport is a favoured destination airport for private aircraft as it is convenient for concerts and shows at Pula Arena, visiting Istria beaches, or for sailing from the many marinas around Pula.

Flights to Istria from countries with airlines flying directly to Pula airport include: Austria, Belarus , France, Germany, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Distances from Pula to other centres:

• Rijeka (62km)

• Trieste (110km)

• Venice (140km)

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Flights to Istria beaches through Rijeka (code RJK)

Although named Rijeka, this airport would be more realistically named Krk, as it is on the Island of that name, approximately 17Km ( 10 miles) from Rijeka railway station.

It’s a seasonal airport, with most flights to Istria during the summer holiday season, but it’s ideally positioned for destinations on the eastern side of Istria and the Kvarner Riviera coast.

Countries with airlines flying directly to Rijeka airport include: Germany, Israel, Latvia, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Distances from Rijeka to other centres:

• Pula (62km)

• Trieste (110km)

• Ljubljana (112km)

Fly into Istria through Venice

Venice makes an interesting
arrival airport for various reasons,
purely as a destination in itself, as it is an amazing place, or as a gateway for the traveller to Istria beaches opening up a number of possibilities.

It benefits from having two airports, Venice Marco Polo which is on the water’s edge and a ferry ride away from Venice proper, and Venice Treviso, a short bus trip inland.

Venice has two train stations; Venice Santa Lucia and Venice Mestre (the mainland station)

Apart from the road and rail links to Trieste and onwards into Istria, Venice also has regular ferry services running across the Adriatic to the towns and beaches of Istria.

Due to the unique qualities of Venice, almost all European countries, and many others around the world, have direct flights into one or both of Venice’s airports.

Distances from Venice Treviso (code TSF):

• Venice Marco Polo airport (20km)

• Trieste airport (100km)

Distances from Venice Marco Polo (code VCE):

• Venice Treviso airport (20km)

• Trieste airport (94km)

Zagreb and Ljubljana, the closest Capital cities to Istria beaches
both have a full schedule of international flights with straight forward connections, via road and rail, or for that more exclusive personal service, air-taxi to get you to the beaches of Istria.

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