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Ferry services to Istria beaches.

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If arriving through Venice, the option of taking the ferry trip
from Venice across the Adriatic to the port towns on the west coast of Istria turns an airport transfer into an Adriatic cruise -
an enchanting way to arrive!

High speed ferries operate in the North Adriatic, linking the port towns of Italy with those in Slovenia and Croatia.

ferrys to Istria, travel, europe, holiday, istria, beaches.

As well as traditional vessels, Venezia Lines operate the San Frangisk and her sister vessel San Pawl, each have a capacity of 310 passengers.

These ships are cutting edge in design, in that they combine the most advanced characteristics of both catamarans and hovercrafts.

The routes between Venice, Italy and the Istrian ports of Porec, Pula, Rabac and Rovinj and Slovenian port of Koper
have a crossing time of between 2 hrs 30 mins and 4 hrs depending on destination,
so, these particular ferries will be about as fast, if not faster than driving to Istria from Venice.

Between the ports on each side of the Adriatic, these ferries are by far the fastest carrier averaging at a speed of approx 35 knots.

ferrys to Istria, travel, holiday, Istria, beaches.

This service, operational from April to October, not only provides transport to the Istria Peninsula but also,
from Istria, for visiting Venice on a popular Day-Return trips.

Combine the Venice day trip with some hopping between different Istrian towns to create a series of mini Adriatic cruises!

Istria beaches and towns make an ideal starting point for more Croatia cruises to the many islands, the southern Croatian resorts, and onwards to Greece.

For the technically minded, these Air Cushion catamarans use the air cushion, set up by fans, and trapped by the hulls and the skirts, allowing the craft to ride higher in the water reducing the draught.
Water resistance and power consumption are both significantly reduced.
The ship is highly manoeuvrable, and literally turns "on a sixpence".
It can even move sideways by diverting directional air from the cushion.

ferry to Istria, travel, holiday, Istria, beaches. Such a combination results in:

• Higher speed

• Lower fuel consumption

• Lower noise

• Less wave-making

• Higher manoeuvrability

• Higher passenger comfort

Having arrived at the port, local transfers to the destination by bus, train, taxi or limousine are plentiful.

By prior agreement, some hotels will offer an airport shuttle service.

Car-hire remains as the ideal option to get out and about.
Explore the many beaches of Istria, and then enter into 'green Istria', the centre of the peninsula.

wine, vinyard, truffles, ferry to Istria, travel, europe, holiday, istria, beaches.

A gentle pace of life, hill-top villages, vineyards and truffles,
this indeed is the

'Tuscany of Croatia'.

But don't just take our word for it, this is what G Adventures have to say:

Croatia Truffle Festival

Prized by epicureans for their flavour and scarcity, the elusive truffle is the rock star of the fungus world. And nobody celebrates this most exalted of tubers quite like Croatia, home to the annual Truffle Days Festival. Beginning on the island of Cres, our adventure here will introduce you to the idyllic seaside communities of Croatias Adriatic Coast and let you partake in a genuine truffle hunt with a professional tartufalo before delivering you to the culinary tuberpalooza itself in Livade. Dont forget to pack your appetite. (In fact, pack a spare, just in case.)

It's always important to check the specific details of your flights and ferry crossings to Istria and then any onward connections,
as there is a difference between summer and winter flight timetables.

With the combinations of different modes of transport, why not make the ferry crossing to Istria beaches a fun start to your holiday?

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