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Like Izola in Slovenia, Umag town was originally an island
surrounded by the blue Istrian sea.

Apparently named after the Celtic word ‘mag’, meaning fertile land,
as in the whole of Istria, it has been inhabited since the early Stone Age based on the findings of blades, scrapers and other implements.

Umag, travel, holiday, apartment, sea-view, Istria, beaches, ATP tennis. Settlements from the Copper and Iron Ages, populated by the Histri, predate the Roman period, evidenced by the remains of villas, statues and precious artefacts.

Following in the footsteps of the Romans came the Byzantines, Longobards, again the Byzantines, Franks, Croats, the Venician Republic, Austria, the French under Napoleon, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Italy in 1918, then following the massive upheaval during WW2 and it’s aftermath, becoming part of
‘the free Territory of Trieste’, before joining Yugoslavia, and finally part of Croatia.

The town is therefore proud of the area's ancient castles, towers, Venetian houses, and churches making this a fascinating Mediterranean town.

Local produce of fruit, vegetables, olive oil, wines and of course, fresh fish caught and landed daily are the ingredients of
the Mediterranean diet, renowned for being balanced and besides being good to the taste,
also very good for the health.

Umag, travel, holiday, apartment, sea-view, Istria, beaches, ATP tennis, truffles, tartufi.Not to forget truffles, as noted in the Guinness Book of records, the world’s largest truffle was found here in Istria!

But don't just take our word for it, this is what G Adventures have to say about their Istrian truffle tour:

Croatia Truffle Festival

Prized by epicureans for their flavour and scarcity, the elusive truffle is the rock star of the fungus world. And nobody celebrates this most exalted of tubers quite like Croatia, home to the annual Truffle Days Festival. Beginning on the island of Cres, our adventure here will introduce you to the idyllic seaside communities of Croatias Adriatic Coast and let you partake in a genuine truffle hunt with a professional tartufalo before delivering you to the culinary tuberpalooza itself in Livade. Dont forget to pack your appetite. (In fact, pack a spare, just in case.)

The perfect vacation resort– Its nightlife has a variety of excellent music and dance.
with a programme of exhibitions, performances, folk festivals and concerts.

Umag, travel, holiday, apartment, sea-view, Istria, beaches, ATP tennis, truffles, tartufi. Also well-known
for its many sporting activities
– especially as a venue on the
ATP 250 tennis circuit

Points of Interest

    Old town – the medieval architecture of the Old Town

    City Museum - in the medieval tower, home to a collection and display of antique items and also a gallery to showcase the work of contemporary artists.

    Seget - a baroque style villa from the 18th century and a 17th century chapel and the old tower.

    Sepomaia – the ancient port, with a luxurious villa, mosaics, and many antique items

    Church St.Pelegrin - built in the 14th century

    Church of St. Nicholas - built in the 13th century

    St. Rocco Church - 16th century with a painted wooden ceiling

    Church of St. Mary - 15th century with beautiful frescoes

    Castle Sipar - part of the disappeared city Siparis, the remains of the city today are under the sea


    St.Pelegrin's Day - folk and religious festival with a rich entertainment and gastronomy program

    Day of open wine cellars - wine presentation of the Umag region

    Umagoloud - festival of sound and urban art .

    UmaGOblues - a music festival with food.

    Istrian Gourmet and Jazz Festival - jazz music and culinary experience.

    ATP tournament - the famous international tennis tournament.

    Sepomaia viva - Festival of the Antique.

    Feast of the Assumption - a traditional folk festival.

    Umag nights - a rich cultural and entertainment program.

Umag marina is conveniently located in front of the Adriatic Hotel, with 494 berths having water and power supply and 90 boat lay-ups.

Facilities at or near the marina include:

Reception, exchange, fuel, toilets and showers, laundry, groceries, repair shop, 50 t travel lift, parking,
seasonal maritime border crossing and Harbour Master’s Office at the head of the eastern pier of the marina,
permanent maritime border crossing in the main harbour.

This marina, along with nine other ACI marinas, has been awarded the “European Blue Flag”, an environmental award given to communities that make a special effort to keep their beaches and marinas clean and manage them with consideration for the local environment.

Umag, travel, holiday, apartment, sea-view, Istria, beaches, ATP tennis, truffles, tartufi. Dive sites to explore in the area:

    Monte Rosso cape - where the coast drops steeply to a depth of 20 m

    • the cargo steamship SS Gilda not far from Savudrija cape,

    • the shallows with the underwater mines and torpedoes,

    • the German naval ship Remorker,

    crevasses with lots of different types of fish and crabs, the rich flora and fauna...

There is more than enough here for a new world of experience!

Road connections are very good.
Umag can be easily reached from all parts of Europe.

Distances: Trieste - 40 km, Milan - 440 km, Graz - 350 km, Vienna - 530 km, Munich - 550 km.

Nearest internataional airports: Pula (80 km), Trieste (65 km) and Ljubljana (110 km).

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