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...and Trieste was the name given to a very deep water two-man submersible, called a ‘bathyscaphe’ – used for exploring the Marianas Trench in the Pacific – the deepest spot on Earth at 10,900 metres or 35,797 feet – deeper than Mt Everest is high!

bathyscaphe, travel, holiday, Istria, beaches. The designer, Swiss physicist Professor August Piccard coined the word ‘bathyscaphe’ as a combination of Greek words: ‘bathos’ = deep and ‘scaphos’ = ship.

After the success of his prototype, the bathyscaphe was built and named after the town of its construction, and launched on 1st August 1953.

Following many successful deep water dives, the bathyscaphe Trieste was sold to the US Navy, for use in deep water research.

The headline creating event being the descent to the depths of the Marianas trench on 3rd January 1960.

The two man crew being Lt Don Walsh and Jaques Piccard, Professor Auguste Piccard’s son.

An interesting book with a chapter on Professor Picard

submarine, book, Trieste

Perhaps a mere coincidence the star-trek character Jean-Luc Picard is named after the Professor and his son?

the Third Man, romance, film noir, travel, holiday, Istria, beaches. Classic film noir fans may recognise the name
Alida Valli, the actress playing the part of
Harry Lime’s girlfriend, Anna Schmidt, in perhaps her most famous film of over one hundred that she appeared in, ‘The Third Man’.

Alida Valli was born in Pula, Croatia, and married in 1944 the Trieste-born jazz composer and surrealist painter Oscar de Mejo.

After a successful run of roles, her career went on hold for a while after a notorious 1953
sex scandal surrounding the mysterious death in Rome of Wilma Montesi, a fashion model.

the Third Man, romance, film noir, sex scandel, actress, travel, holiday, Istria, beaches. Rumours of the victims involvement in
sex and drug parties and the subsequent cover-up by the authorities of prominent political figures, which included Alida Valli’s then lover, jazz musician Piero Piccioni, son of the then Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs.
The mystery remains unsolved...

Topical or what? This could almost be filed under ‘current affairs’..!!

Alida Valli was able to avoid direct involvement in any of this by being on Corfu at the time.

The Bellini cocktail, very popular in Italy, and originated by Giuseppe Cipriani, of Harry’s Bar in Venice, is made from a mix of fizzy Prosecco and peach purée.

Trieste, Miramare castle, Hotel, travel, holiday, Istria, beaches. Just up the coast, near the town of Prosecco, is Miramare Castle.

Miramar Castle, along with the Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, one of the most beautiful castles in europe

More of a palace than a castle, it was built in the mid 19th century for the Archduke Maximilian of the Hapsburg dynasty, it has to be one of the places to visit in Europe for the amazing cliff-top setting alone.

Trieste, Miramare castle, Hotel, travel, holiday, Istria, beaches, romance, La Dolce Vita. In keeping with the recent history of the area it has had various tenants, not necessarily all being the most house-proud.

Back in Italian public ownership with the buildings, furniture and fabrics now restored, the castle and gardens are well worth seeing.

Don’t miss out on the hummingbirds!

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