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Trieste, travel, holiday, Istria, beaches. A major sea-port in the Gulf of Trieste since Roman times,
the city has witnessed the ebb and flow of empires and idealologies creating the blend of Venetian, Hapsburg and Eastern influences.

By the early 20th Century one of the four major cities of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Artists and Philosophers such as James Joyce and Sigmund Freud enjoyed the buzzing cosmopolitan flavour.

Trieste, Grand Hotel trieste, travel, holiday, Istria, beaches, romance, La Dolce Vita. Cited by Churchill in his speech coining the phrase ‘iron curtain’, by the mid 20th Century the post-war power games were leading to a potential cold-war flash-point, before being designated the ‘Free Territory of Trieste’ by the U.N.

Far from the grey image of those days, it is definitely Italian, a colourful and interesting destination to take in some spectacular sights.

Elegant hotels are found on the seafront and the Piazza dell'Unita d'Italia along with restaurants and cafes in buildings of the Hapsburg period.

Trieste, travel, holiday, Istria, beaches, romance, La Dolce Vita. See and be seen while sampling genuine Italian food flavoured with local specialities – banqueting with gastromony from the very grand to gelato, truffles, tartufi in Italian, being a local Istrian delicacy.

Trieste, Grand Hotel, travel, holiday, Istria, beaches. As can be expected in a vibrant seaside city, accommodation ranges from budget to opulent -
from modest bed and breakfast to the imposing Grand Hotel Duchy D’Aosta.
Two notably famous guests to the Grand Hotel include Admiral Horatio Nelson and Giacomo Casanova.

After the Grand Hotel, perhaps the most sought after accommodation overlooks the promenade, aquarium, marina and lighthouse to the blue Adriatic Sea - a good vantage point to enjoy the beautiful evening sunsets.

Leading off the seafront is the ‘grand canal’ – not to be confused with the canal of the same name in Venice
which makes a good starting point to take in the cafe culture and atmosphere in the main square Piazza Unita d’Italia - a photographer’s heaven!

Points of interest

Arch of Riccardo a Roman gate in Piazzetta Barbacan in the old town. Believed to have been passed through by King Richard of England, ‘Richard the Lionheart’, on the way back from the Crusades – ‘Richard’s Arch’.

Caffe San Marco, historical cafe.

Civico Museo di Storia Naturale - Natural History exhibits

Civico Orto Botanico – municipal botanical gardens

Foiba di Basovizza, museum and national monument reflecting on the events of 1945

James Joyce Museum – a collection themed on the author’s time in the city 1904 to 1914 housed in the public library. Tread in his footsteps at the James Joyce Hotel.

Museo del Mare - Nautical theme. The city’s long history as an important sea port is celebrated here.

Orto Botanico dell’Universita, the University’s botanical garden

Piazza Unita d’Italia, the central square surrounded by ornate 19th century buildings

Revoltella Museum - modern art gallery

Risiera di San Sabba museum and national monument reflecting on the period 1943-45

Roman Amphitheatre

Val Rosandra, a national park located in a scenic valley in the Karst Plateau area.

Roman Temples - one dedicated to Athena, one to Zeus, both on the San Giusto hill.

San Giusto Cathedral and Castle – overlooks the town and the Gulf.

San Giusto Cathederal is just one of many ornate churches you may choose to visit.
For variety and as an instance of the different influences there is also the Serbian Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity and St. Spyridon and the Synagogue.

Trieste, travel, holiday, Istria, beaches, romance, ferry. Being a port with long established trading links throughout the Adriatic and beyond,
this destination makes an excellent hub for excursions and cruises.

The Aeroporto Trieste has extensive connections, with lo-cost airlines offering cheap flights to Trieste.

Airport car hire in Trieste is easily arranged with and facilities from local hire and international car hire companies.

Discover the sea-faring tradition with regular ferries from Trieste to Venice,
Adriatic ports in Istria, the Dalmatian Coast and further to Corfu and Greece.

With such a long and interesting history, it is no wonder that this is represented by galleries, museums and the University which is a popular choice for students.

Also popular with foreign students looking to learn Italian. Compare language courses of schools in Trieste and pay less

Being the most eastern city in Italy, it must not be overlooked that this Port city has a good selection of boutique and designer shops, full of Italian style, ideal for some retail therapy between a day on the istrian beaches and la dolche vita as the sun goes down!


Trieste, Istria, travel, holiday, Istria beaches. Follow the promenade northwards along the coast to Barcola, location of the Barcolana regatta, held each year in October.
A popular event which attracts a large and varied fleet of racing yachts, making for a colourful display.

Barcola and the long promenade leading onto the Miramare Castle is the venue for summer days swimming and sunbathing in clear blue waters.

Trieste, travel, holiday, Istria, beaches. Heading south from Trieste across the bay is Muggia and around the headland, San Bartolomeo.
The headland area and San Bartolomeo offer the best beach areas, being out of sight of the port facilities.

As with the majority of Istria beaches, the beaches are predominately of pebble, but don’t be dissuaded by this,
as there is nearly always a grassy or concreted leisure area for sunbathing and games, invariably with all facilities, for changing and showers,
with nearby cafes and shops for the essentials such as gelato. Mmmmm.

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