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Strunjan, travel, holiday, beach, sea-view, Istria, beaches, Artichokes, khaki. The Strunjan Nature Reserve, 4 kms of unspoilt Mediterranean coastline, overlooking the blue Adriatic Sea.

Placed right at the edge of the reserve is the Spa resort, providing a quiet beach resort holiday and also Spa facilities to assist with health and recuperation issues.

Strunjan, travel, holiday, beach, sea-view, Istria, beaches, Artichokes, khaki.Strunjan beach, part of the Terme resort, has been awarded the renowned Blue Flag for marinas and beaches for the 12th year running. The award confirms that the bathing area is well-kept, ecologically sound, and friendly to both environment and bathers.

Access is easy, with paid parking at the entrance to the bathing area.

Hotel guests have free access to the beach, day-visitors’ admission ticket may be redeemed against the menu at the nearby Hotel Laguna.

The lifeguard patrolled beach area is grass and concrete with views to the Piran headland.

From June to September the lifeguard is on duty daily, between 8:00 and 19:00.

Strunjan, travel, holiday, beach, sea-view, Istria, beaches, Artichokes, khaki.Although not a large and boisterous resort,
Strunjan makes a good choice for a quieter family holiday,
and with the aid of bikes, or a car, a good centre for exploring the surrounding towns and beaches.

There is a children's playground and a daily children's club.

An access ramp to the sea is helpful for hotel guests who are benefitting from the spa treatments.

Cold drinks, coffee, homemade ice cream or pastries, pizzas and snacks are available in beach bars in the shade of pine trees at the back of the beach.


Strunjan, travel, holiday, beach, sea-view, Istria, beaches, Artichokes, khaki.Surrounding the hotels and extending to the beach is the
Talaso Strunjan park, a scented coastal garden laid out to provide the resort’s sport facilities.

Basketball, table tennis, miniature golf, children’s playground and 5 sand tennis courts.

Professionally qualified tennis instructors are on hand for lessons for beginners and for improving technique.

Strunjan, travel, holiday, beach, sea-view, Istria, beaches, Artichokes, khaki.The resort makes a good centre for cycling holidays, to take in the many trails and paths that criss-cross the area.

Neighbouring coastal towns of Piran, Portoroz, Lucija, Koper and Izola are all within reach, with the blue Adriatic as a constant backdrop.

Continuing South is the small town and beach of Fiesa, with its two lagoons, one natural, the other a result of past quarrying.
These are now designated ‘protected areas’, as they form an important habitat for wildlife.

Strunjan, travel, holiday, beach, sea-view, Istria, beaches, Artichokes, khaki. Besides the natural flora and fauna, Fiesa is only a shortish walk to either Strunjan or Piran, making this a convenient small holiday resort with a choice of hotels, villas, B&Bs and camp sites.

The mild climate encourages horticulture, with great pride taken in the flower displays on show in the local gardens.

Artichokes, of known benefit to the digestive system are commercially grown here along with
a little known fruit – outside of Istria, that is – the ‘Khaki’.

Along with the beaches of Istria, try the cuisine of Istria, and be the first to tell your friends of this discovery!

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