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A bit about Porec

Porec, resort, holiday, Istria, beachesThe Istrian coast is blessed with inlets and small peninsulas.

These were more easily defended against attack from the land, so became natural places to develope into towns from ancient times onwards.

The small island of Sveti Nikola (St. Nicholas) just offshore, acts as a breakwater to the town's natural harbour, adding to the
appeal of the location to the ancients, as it still does today
with loads of beaches around every corner!

Records date from two millenia with remains of the major players in the area still visible today.

After the ancient Histri tribes, the Romans fortified the town, creating the streets Cardo Maximus and Decumanus and the Forum in the centre, which remain to the present.

As with all the towns in Istria, from the 5th Century on saw the arrival of various peoples, empires and ideologies; the Ostrogoths, Slavs, Franks, Venice, Austria, Napoleon, Italy, the Yugoslav Kindom, Germany, Socialist Yugoslavia and now a part of Croatia.

Porec, resort, holiday, Istria, beachesThe climate, sunshine, clear turquoise water all combine in making this a popular summer holiday destination appreciated since roman times, as confirmed by the remains of seaside Roman villas.

1844 saw the Austrian Lloyd steamship company calling into the small coastal town, followed by the first tourist guide to the town a year later. The oldest Porec hotel is the Riviera, dating from 1910, in a commanding position, overlooking the harbour.

Porec, resort, holiday, Istria, beachesTo compliment the natural attractions, quality sports complexes are used all year and host regular fixtures, the most outstanding of these being the Croatia Open international tennis tournament.

Water sports

The Adriatic Sea is amazingly clean and clear, as if it was made for water sports: swim, canoe, kayak, jet-ski, water-ski, sailing, windsurfing, diving, water-bike, boat rental to include sailboat, motorboat, jet-ski canoe, it’s all here, just waiting for you!

From the more experienced to the complete novice, all skill levels are catered for with expert instruction readily available from the many seaside sports centres or from the hotels and campsites.

Porec, resort, holiday, Istria, beaches The Porec Ski-lift is a 700 metre-long water ski tow-line located below the Hotel Laguna Molindrio in Zelena laguna.

Water-skis or wakeboards, all equipment can be rented, along with instruction for novices to water-ski at speeds from 30 to 58 km/h graduating to the 5 different jumps.

Nightlife in Porec

Porec, resort, holiday, Istria, beachesDiscos and Nightclubs are open during the summer season generally from April to mid September with regular Beach Parties throughout the summer.

Dress to impress with sexy dresses like this ...

clubwear, sexy dresses

.... and much more clubwear from The Beach Hut.

enjoy Nightlife at places like

    • The biggest Discoteque; Byblos
    • Club Blue,
    • Poreč Coffee Colonia,
    • Comitium,
    • Dvi Murve,
    • Istra,
    • Lapidarium,
    • Pentagon Kula,
    • Pizzeria Dalí,
    • Torre Rotunda,
    • club international
    • club Plava
    • club Margarita
    • Capitol - a gay nightclub
Popular restaurants and bars remain open till late at night and well into the small hours with a good selection of local and well known drink brands. Music and live entertainment abound.

    • Sterna
    • Zagreb
    • Stari Torac
    • Dalmacia
    • Altercafé
    • Lapidarium,
    • Ulixes
    • Colonia Julia Parentium
    • The Old Time bar
    • Comitium Cocktail bar with live music.
    • cafe Dahli

Well-known and popular Beach clubs include the Mansion Club and the Tequila Beach Bar.

Other popular restaurants in Porec are:

    • Saloon
    • Nostromo
    • Leonardo
    • Anita

Porec, resort, holiday, Istria, beachesRestaurants in Porec and along the whole coast naturally specialize in sea food, one of the sights is in watching the local fishermen landing their day's catch, fresh fish can be relied on as part of the menu!

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