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Izola, travel, holiday, apartment, sea-view, Istria, beaches. From it's ancient Roman past Izola developed into a fishing and trading port until being eclipsed by it's neighbours, Capodistria, now named Koper, and Trieste.

Wealth arrived in the 14th century as distinguished residents of Venice relocated to further their hold on trade throughout the region.

During the Napoleonic period, the Roman walls and fortifications were demolished and used as landfill remodeling the island (Isola/Izola) into a headland.

Izola, travel, holiday, apartment, sea-view, Istria, beaches. This is the old town, narrow streets, the influence of the venice republic, hot summers and mild winters.

Seascapes and landscapes inspire the arts – as the number of galleries and studios bear witness.

Perhaps the crowning event being the annual Izola Film Festival, usually held in June.

A celebration of new work and a selection from the archives from around the World is put on display indoors and in the open air.

Izola, travel, holiday, apartment, sea-view, Istria, beaches. Of the venues used for screenings the Otok Open-air Cinema in Manzioli Square imparts the true Mediterranean lifestyle.

Talents of budding filmmakers are waiting to be discovered at the evening beach film shows.

Film buffs can discuss and share thoughts on the offerings at a series of presentations, less formal gatherings and dances as the night-time party atmosphere kicks off with DJs, Jazz-funk, Ethno and more.

The festival includes poetry readings and a children’s programme.

Izola is a town that enjoys a good festival as they also have:

August Fish Festival – a real mediterranean party, known for food, music and games as well as a beauty pageant, competitions, sports and cultural events. Perhaps the most quirky custom being ‘...the annual attempt to sign an agreement between Izola and Piran..’ Loads of fun, spiced up with local humour and a full plate of fish - a recipe that has been attracting visitors to Izola from all parts of the world for decades.

• International Easter fair of antiques, antique books, music, old postcards, Easter decorations and local traditions.

• Street puppet festival

• International meeting of air-cooled VWs

Festival of fish, wine and olive oil

• but perhaps the crowning event is the festival of Women and wine ....?

More on galleries and Artist studios

• Studio Milan Obradovic

• Graphic studio (etching) Marjan Motoh

• Studio MB Glass. Matjaz Bornsek

• Studio Rex Gallery: Italian liner REX – a shipwreck near Izola

• Studio Snezica Kranjc Pottery and glassware Gift and jewwllery made from

• studio Marija Pianetzky Godina – art using the media of glass & stone.

• Studio Martina Žerjal

• MLK Gallery, Studio Mira Licen Krmpotic

• Studio Judit

• Studio - idrija lace

• Stained glass studio

• Studio Leonida

• Gallery Insula

• Gallery Alga

• Manzioli palace exhibition hall

• Sunny hall

• Salsaverde art gallery

• Public library of Izola

• Parenzana Museum –Railway and nautical models, displays and diagrams etc.

Izola, Besenghi Degli Ughi Palace, travel, holiday, apartment, sea-view, Istria, beaches.The Besenghi Degli Ughi Palace is of note as one of the most well preserved late Baroque monuments in Slovenia including a large library holding about 3,000 books and manuscripts from the 16th and 17th century.

Nowadays the Besenghi Degli Ughi Palace hosts the Izola music school and is also a popular wedding venue.

Besides the waterfront cafes and bars, there are four venues for Night owls:

• Club Dolce Vita

• Cabare Night Club Tri Papige

• Ambasada Gavioli

• Casinò Izola

Beaches and Swimming areas

Izola, travel, holiday, apartment, sea-view, Istria, beaches.• The town’s swimming area near the marina, a lifeguard patrolled, pebble, sand and grass environment.

Delfincek Next to the Delfin Hotel and the Marina there is a small concrete bathing-pool area. A private facility, with a small entry charge, equipped with many services; waterslide, two beach volleyball courts, a fast food restaurant, children’s playground, and a games room with pool tables and videogames completes the line-up.

Izola, travel, holiday, apartment, sea-view, Istria, beaches.Izola – near the lighthouse. At the end of the Izola peninsula is the city swimming area with showers, a sandpit and train rides for children.

Izola, Lido, travel, holiday, apartment, sea-view, Istria, beaches.Beach for Blind and Disabled People - By the Lighthouse. Two small swimming pools making a Lido type area, organised and adapted for special needs and wheelchair access.

All these beach areas are easily accessible from the centre of town.
Heading off south from the town brings us to

Izola, Simonov zaliv, simons bay, travel, holiday, apartment, sea-view, Istria, beaches.Simonov Zaliv - Simon’s Bay - a Blue Flag Beach and a small beach resort in its own right.

Izola, Simonov zaliv, simons bay, travel, holiday, apartment, sea-view, Istria, beaches.

For a more secluded beach, take a short walk westwards toward Strunjan beach to find somewhere less busy than Simon’s Bay.

Bele Skale – White Rocks

Look for the white rocks, which can be found at the beginning of the Bay – hence the name Bele Skale – White Rocks Bay. Away from the town and far more quiet, this area is very popular with naturists.

Izola, travel, holiday, apartment, sea-view, Istria, beaches.Rex At roughly halfway between Koper and Izola along the coast road is the resting place of the Italian Liner Rex. Not a beach, but a popular dive-site.

Apart from the Bele Skale – White Rocks Bay and the Rex dive-site, the beaches are all close to the town with a good choice of cafes and restaurants offering fast food to gourmet cuisine.

Parenzana cycle track Disused railway tracks make for good cycle ways, and Parenzana cycle track is no exception.

The route follows the old narrow gauge Parenzana railway, and could be described as a metaphor for some 30 or so years of 20th century history of Istria.

Planned and built under the Austro-Hungarian regime, then operated between the wars by Italy, the service enabled agricultural produce to get to market, as well as introducing early tourism to the area.

Machinations by Mussolini’s Italy saw the line deliberately closed, causing much local hardship.

The Parenzana railway connected Trieste to Porec, and as the route now crosses three countries, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, the name of the cycle track, ‘the Trail of Health and Friendship’ is encouraging as a symbol of cooperation between Slovenian, Italian and Croatian municipalities.

The Parenzana route is is suitable for all, and passes through old towns and villages, by the sea, among vineyards and olive plantations, through tunnels, giving cyclists views across the valleys and hills of Istria to the blue Adriatic.

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